Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs

College of Arts and Letters
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-6044

Tel. (619) 594-4997


Last Update: 8/17/14


The Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs prioritizes research and public discussion in the following four areas:

Environmental Ethics--Research into the global and intergenerational scope of justice, rights, and responsibility as they relate to climate change mitigation and adaptation policy.

Bio-Medical Ethics--Theoretical research into health and human rights and healthcare delivery and justice. Applied research into the norms of good clinical practice and medical research and into proposals that aim to improve both clinical practice and research.

Democratic Equality--Research into the value of equality and the disvalue of inequality in relation to democratic institutions and citizenship, with emphasis on issues of race, feminism, and sexual orientation.

Human Rights and Global Justice--Theoretical research into the justification and scope of human rights and social justice. Applied research into the relationship between global poverty, injustice, and human rights deprivation.

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